Obama names FoxNews “Jew of The Week”

Hitler asked himself a question:  How to gain power?  His solution was elegant for himself and his National Socialist party.  Simply choose a scapegoat, demonize that scapegoat as a greedy threat to the country, then lead a frightened population in destroying that scapegoat and taking whatever you want. 

For the common good, of course. 

Hitler chose “the Jews” as the most practical target for two reasons.  First, they were a different religion – most Germans weren’t Jewish.  Also, Jews seemed fairly wealthy, at a time when most Germans were poor.  Thus, Hitler had “strange religion” and “class envy” working in his favor.

Add rallies demonizing Jews as greedy and evil, and many desperate people were willing to accept the premise that ridding Germany of Jews would help the country recover from economic disaster.

But today, Obama cannot run the same plot.  He cannot demonize Jews.  That’s not practical since (i) it’s been done, so everyone recognizes the strategy, and (ii) liberals claim to hold all religions in equal regard, so demonizing a specific religion is considered gauche. 

Yet Obama has perfected Hilter’s technique.  Since he cannot single out the Jews, he’s found someone better than the Jews:  Whatever group he points at.


Yes, the new Socialist strategy is superior to Hitler’s because it can demonize any group in a matter of hours. I am naming this Obama/Hitler strategy here.

It’s called Jew of The Week.

Jew of The Week is better than “the Jews,” since it can be virtually any group, within certain limitations.  It cannot be a religion.  It cannot be a sexual orientation.  It cannot be a race.  Such categories are impolite.  No, the Jew of The Week is just “greedy” and “evil” and must be stopped for the common good.  Typically, the Weekly Jew is whatever group Obama thinks will enable the biggest power grab.  How does it work?

Step 1 – Obama chooses the Jew of The Week (works it into a speech).

Step 2 – State run media demonizes the Weekly Jew on TV.  Meanwhile, since Obama hasn’t yet established an official SS and Gestapo, he summons the “Ostapo.” He buses SEIU and ACORN to conduct their “pogrom-lite” at the Weekly Jew’s workplace and home.

Step 3 – White House conducts polls to determine when the Weekly Jew has been sufficiently demonized in the public mind.

Step 4 – White House announces possible “solutions” to the Weekly Jew, for the common good.  They’re tracked via polling so the White House can determine how radical it can be in solving the Jew-tastrophe.

Step 5 – The chosen Solution is executed by the White House.  Solutions include “We’ll regulate the greedy Jew” with new laws restricting his freedom, and “We’ll take stuff away from the Jew and give it to you” via welfare, new programs, free money, no-doc houses, cars, tax breaks, or blatant payoffs to Obama crony groups (unions, ACORN).

The subtext of this stunt is always the same – Jews are greedy, but you’re not, so you deserve what they have.  And remember, Socialist politicians aren’t greedy or seeking power – they wandered into politics after missionary work in Sudan dried up.

Recent Jews of the Week

  • Automotive Companies
  • Chrysler Shareholders / Bondholders
  • Bankers
  • AIG Executives
  • The Rich
  • Insurance Companies
  • Doctors – Americans didn’t enjoy this Weekly Jew because they like doctors.  Obama almost ruined his game by wildly claiming doctors were butchering people, amputating healthy limbs for “thirty, forty, fifty thousand dollars” apiece.

This week’s Jew?  FoxNews, of course.  The media slamfest, led by Axelrod and the Ballerina (Rahm Emanuel), was only blunted when other networks, fearing they’d be next, refused to join the White House boycott of FoxNews.  Thus, the “Weekly Kristallnacht” was tossed back in Obama’s face.

What was the goal?  With each Weekly Jew comes Obama’s solution – take away their companies, or run them out of business.  Control of any company the Weekly Jew is allowed to keep?  Obama installs his deputies for that.  And what of the Weekly Jew’s reputation?  That was the first thing the President had to destroy.  So sorry.

I name this week’s Jew for reference, nothing more.  Because the moment I publish this article, Obama and his National Socialists will already be on the next Jew.  By the time you read this, FoxNews will be replaced by whatever Jew is behind Curtain Number 12.

Stay Tuned for These Jews

  • Venture Capitalists
  • Other TV Networks that disobey Obama
  • Talk Radio
  • Internet Companies

Here in Hymietown (aka Manhattan), Jews are realizing that 78% of their creed voted for Obama, and unwittingly for policies that mirror the National Socialist tactics of Nazi Germany.  Over time, real Jews learn to be wary of Fascism.  But by the time each Weekly Jew learns to protect itself, it’s already next week – Obama has already stripped away their private property, distributing it to his cronies and special interests.  It’s too late.

The silver lining of this column?  By revealing how the White House has refined Hitler’s tactic, perhaps I will prompt President Obama to name me Jew of the Week.  He could then demonize me as irresponsible, declare my computer poorly maintained, and give it to someone more trustworthy.  And I could take a vacation.

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3 responses to “OBAMA’S JEW OF THE WEEK

  1. Max Friedman

    BNC: Glad to see that someone is exploring how Hitler and his Nazis rose to power by using scapegoating (of Jews, homosexuals, submenschen, Bolsheviks, etc).

    Am reading Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”; William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and William Sheridan Allen’s “The Nazi Seizure of Power: The Experience of a Single German Town 1930-1935”.

    Herr Barack learned well from his communist mentors and supporters. Instead of the Swastika, he just adopted the Nazi tactics, and hid its’ cousin, the Hammer & Scycle, until Van Jones was outted. Then Dunne, McChesney, and more to come.

    If you twist the Swastika, it becomes the Hammer & Scycle. Try it. Just start cutting out pieces and voila’, its Party time, comrades.

    In case anyone is interested in my credentials on these subjects, I lost a whole European family to the Nazis – Lemberg, Belzec and Auschwitz.

    Lost friends in Vietnam, and the Phillipines to the reds; my editor’s son in Israel to Hezbullah; and have friends who were tortured by the Nazis and Reds from Austria/Hungary to No. Korea, Hanoi Hilton, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

  2. I love the “Ostopo” phrase and the “Jew of the week”.I like what you are doing here.The tactics of the Leftist scum ,as in saul alinskys “rules for radicals” vilifying your opponent and destroying them instead of taking on the actual argument ,which they would lose,you simply acuse your enemy of doing what you are actually doing,and erecting straw dogs for the media to echo.This facet of the leftist-obama tactics……..yes…yes… Jew of the week! One phrase we need to adopt;”lose the fear” …..as in fear of comparing Hitler to obama,since if you were a leftist ,would you not study the tacticts of the left?especially if you had the power and were trying to implement your brand of it ,would not study the most influential and successful leftist ever?

  3. BREAKING NEWS: World Artist Destroys Obama Portrait on LiveLeak Video, Receives Threats and Accolades

    World Artist, Marc Richard Rubin, personally mentored by Salvador Dali and Jean Du’Buffet, has 37,000+ hits in little time on a featured video at LiveLeak where he destroys his masterful Obama portrait and rails against Obama and the NEA.
    The video is humorous, creative, ironic and passionate. There is even a dream sequence….

    Here is the link: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5ab_1256677143 LIVELEAK

    Marc will be interviewed Thurs Nov 5 on South Florida’s best radio show,the Joyce Kaufman Show on WFTL 850 at 2:05 EST. The show is streamed at http://www.joycekaufman.com

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