“What has destroyed the liberty and rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and consolidation of all cares in one body.” -Thomas Jefferson

Mister Obama, the founding fathers of the USA aren’t celebrated because they’re WHITE. They’re celebrated because they DEVELOPED NEW, EXCELLENT IDEAS, BASED UPON STUDY AND DEBATE, WITH WHICH THEY CREATED THE GREATEST NATION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

Obama hates the founding fathers because he knows he cannot ever match their intellect or ingenuity. Thus, Obama must dismiss them as “wrongheaded” or “privileged/white.”

The only OTHER conclusion would be “they rose to the top because they had DAMN GOOD IDEAS that benefitted all Americans.” Yet Obama will never accept that fact.

Compared to them, Obama is an angry, lost bully of weak intellect. While the founding fathers built a system to handle the REAL WORLD, Obama tries to drag his impossible Utopian fantasies into the light of day, where they encounter the common sense of others and evaporate.

The founding fathers created the greatest support system for human prosperity ever devised. This child from Indonesia, Barry Soetoro, creates clouds to be scattered by the wind.

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